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To participate in a severe competition between justice, which lays at the core of personalism, and an unworthy, short-sighted utilitarianism that negates human dignity.



New World Standard Critique

On Mission Statement

Our statement about team: at first, the cause

Team of professional journalists and editors with an extensive and broad experience in mainstream European and American media are editing New World Standard Critique.

One day, each of us realised that we would not be able any longer fulfil our calling to free, independent and reasonable reporting and to aggregating and originating of ideas. We would not be able to provide a reliable and relevant news and informed opinion in the mainstream media.

The borderline between entertainment and information has been dangerously blurred. The emotional impulses and business interests, instead of an informed editorial choice, are controlling news and opinions in almost every editorial room of the mainstream media.

We do not agree with the vision of closed media, that serve only a certain interest group and censor the important issues of our times.

Our statement on editorial policy: ideas not ideologies

We will not be reporting or discussing any issues through the lens of any ideology. Last century has proven that ideas are always better choice. Relatively peaceful and prosperous world that was shaped after the cataclysm of World War II, rested on ideas of common market, shared defence and open society. After moral devastation, that world was based on indispensable and inalienable rights that Creator endowed every human person – among these rights are Life, Freedom and Pursuit of happiness.

We all believe, things to which we’ve quietly pledged our deepest loyalties. We believe in the dignity of each man, woman, and child. Part of the this right to dignity is freedom of speech that is being constantly redefined and abused in public square.

It is not easy to discern truth from exaggeration, misleading or lie but we were trained to provide such service to our readers.  Every member of our team is putting all of their efforts to provide high quality articles and interviews.

As editors and journalist we would like New World Standard Critique to focus on:

1. Original leading articles, in which direct-democracy and binary economics principles will be most rigidly applied to all the important issue of our times.
2.  Articles relating to some ethical, practical, commercial, agricultural, or foreign topic.
3. General news focused on human rights, economic imbalances and security.
4. Reports and accounts of popular movements advocating Just Third Way and human rights.
5. Commercial topics such as a need for a program of broad ownership of productive capital, excessive domestic and local debts, the state of free market, development of a new technology, the money market, the state of manufacturing, the state of consumption, the unemployment rates, the monetary policy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
6. Agricultural topics, including Genetically Modified Organisms and nano-agricultures, organic agriculture, states of commodities market, foreign markets and influence of giant industrial organisations on farms.
7. Law reports confined mainly to areas important to binary economy-based solutions and human rights.
8. Uncensored and reliable news and opinions from and about Communist China, Korea and Cuba.
9. Independent news on Russia, both original and aggregated.
10. Books, confined chiefly, but not so exclusively, to binary economics solutions (especially Just Third Way) human rights, freedom fighting inside Communist or post-Communist-occupied states, political economy and security.
11. Correspondence and inquiries from our valuable readers.

New World Standard Critique

Statement of Purpose

Our statement on title and the style of our e-newspaper

In admirable tradition of reputable media we would like to refrain from self-promotion. We were educated and trained to be a medium to the best of our ability. As a team we will be putting our every effort to transmit and animate the public debate on the important issues of our times. Nothing would better express our collaboration than replacing our names with a title of the e-newspaper.

We are convinced that our names would distract our readers from the cause we dedicated this e-newsaper. We will be publishing only names of invited authors or reveal names in unlikely event of a conflict of interest.

We want to discuss possibilities for building of “new world standard” in public life. Our strong belief is that foundations for such a new standard in the area of economics were laid by Louis Kelso and Dr. Norman Kurland. Dr. Kurland has founded and managed a private think-tank Centre for Social and Economic Justice. We borrowed the concept and the name of Just Third Way from the Centre because we believe that it provides solutions needed in our contemporary economy.

The other part of a new world standard is a direct democracy based on the Constitution (for instance Magna Carta) that guards personal liberties and freedoms. However as Louis Kelso taught democracy cannot exists unless every woman, man and child have their property bought for a loan (a pure-credit) paid from the future earnings on shares. Kelso defined property as a productive capital (for instance in forms shares of the prosperous high-tech companies), which is a real source of economic growth. This urgent need for an implementation of a comprehensive program of a capital ownership for every citizen is a part of our “one focus”.

Our statement on financial matters: subscribers not financial patrons

As New World Standard Critique we  are independent organisationally and financially of any – political, business or religious – interests. It is our honour to be able to stand as independent medium financed only by the readers and us.

We will be carefully managing any future promotion campaigns (for the cause of Just Third Way or human rights only) that would not interfere in process of absorbing information and forming opinions of our audience. Having high regard for a privacy of our readers we will limit use of cookies only for the purpose of easy downloading and reading of this journal (we refrain from using cookies for the purpose of analytics). Email addresses of our readers, who will decide to subscribe to our Review Letter will be used only for this purpose and kept securely on separate secure server (we will not be using any third-party mailing lists).

We wholeheartedly invite every reader to purchase a ticket (short-term reading program) or subscription (long-term program) to this e-newspaper. We will be also thankful for any donation.

At every quarter we will publish on this website our financial statement, which will be available for financial contributors. We can promise that each donation and subscription will finance operational costs and development of New World Standard Critique. None of us is going to make a living out of it. Everyone of us has his or her independent source of income. If supporters or readers would wish we will print their names of the special page for the Contributors.

Our vision is to establish on every Continent the daily editions of New World Standard Critique  focused on local issues.

Please let us know, if you are able and interested in supporting New World Standard Critique. Send us you message via our contact page. We will send you more information.

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