The death toll from horrible terrorist attack on Christian celebrating Easter in the city of Lahore rose to 70 on Monday, March 28th, the first of three-day mourning period announced by chief minister in the province of Punjab.

The terrorist targeted  group of Christian families with children playing in the park in the eastern part of the city. Although the alleged statement by terrorist said: “our target were male members of the Christian community” bombs filled with nails and ball bearings exploded in close proximity to children. There were about 3000 people in the park at the time of explosions. The faction of Pakistani Taliban, Jamaat ul-Ahrar with links to ISIS, used the suicide bombers to perpetrate the attack.

According to the reports the park was guarded by private security services and police but there was no specific information about the coming attack.

This not the first attack of this terrorist group on Pakistani Christians. Last year in March suicide bombers from Jamaat ul-Ahrar detonated themselves in Roman Catholic church and Christ Church Youhanabad town of Lahore after services on Sunday. The attack killed at least 15 and injured more than 70 people.

It was most deadly terrorist attack in Pakistan since 2014 when Taliban terrorist murdered 150 including 134 students during the attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar.

Some of neighbouring India’s Internet portals started disseminate in their reports the anti-American narrative and blaming the United States government for the terrorist attack due to its support of Taliban groups during the 1980’s.