LONDON – Since Brexit United Kingdom, is becoming even less tolerant and welcoming country than when it was a member of European Union.

But after an infamous referendum it was discovered that antisemitic ideas are diffused among 30 and 5,4 percent of British population are anti-semitesreached high levels.

If the sudden rise in antisemitism would not suffice for Christian leaders to be involved in promotion of justice, equality and tolerance there is another reason to change the attitude of indifference.

A British hate group “Britain First” hijacked “Christian” name and rhetoric for the purpose of its propaganda. The members of the group launched “Christian Patrols” which intimidated Muslims in east London, a prominent anti-hate organization AntiDefamation League said in the statement. “BF sees itself as a Christian “army” preparing to confront Muslims directly at their homes, mosques and in the streets in order to elicit a violent reaction from the Muslim community”, the ADL observed.  Leaders and some members of the group wear crosses and other pieces jewelry with Christian symbolism to aggravate other believers of other faiths.

The British hate group has been co-lead by a female individual named Jayda Fransen who present herself as Catholic. Fransen recorded video in which she stated that British police should be able to shoot at Muslims (” … they should be permitted to turn their guns on those Muslims.”) Fransen expressed publicly this opinion about half a year after she was found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment.

Philosophy of the group is a conglomerate of hate-inspired and violence-generating slogans aimed to promote deeply hateful rhetoric against immigrants and Muslims.

Britain First (BF) is a far-right, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant group founded in 2011 by former members of the British National Party (BNP), a far-right political party with ties to neo-Nazis. Founder of the Group Jim Dowson is a former candidate for a Protestant Pastor.

Britain First and its “pastor” and his followers are yet to be confronted and condemned by Christians authorities in Britain and around the world.