Belorussia’s secret services (KGB) have credible information that Islamic State’s terrorists born in Belorussia perpetrated attacks on Brussels – said Spokesperson of KGB Dmitry Pobriarzhin.

According to the Belorussian KGB, brothers Ivan and Alexy Dovbashi, who conducted today’s terrorist attacks in Belgium were born in Belorussia.  In the end of February of 2016 brothers Dovbashi travelled to Brussels to cooperate with another terrorist Marat Yoonusof.

Alex Dovbash (27 years old) after converting to Islam contacted radicals. His younger brother Ivan followed him. Brothers received military training in the terrorist camp in Syria before returning back to Europe – said Pobiarzhin.

Hours after explosions at the airport and metro station this morning in Brussels the director of Ukrainian security services SBU Vasyl Hrytsak in the statement that appeared like an almost an accusation of Russia for carrying attacks said: “I would not be surprised if they are part of Russia’s hybrid war.”

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called him “fool” on his Twitter.