BEIJING – Communist Party-controlled newspaper (it is always worthy to remind that all of newspapers are controlled and the propaganda is coordinated carefully by the Chinese Communist Party) the Global Times has called Australia “an ideal target for China to warn and strike”.

Bullying and threatening Chinese Communists Party are trying to prevent Australia from being involved in conflict, caused by the Party, over the issue of sovereignty of South China Sea.

Chinese Communist Party not pretending this time to be an ally, friend or even civilised partner used an insult to describe the country they want to exploit: “country with an inglorious history. … at first an offshore prison of the UK. … established through uncivilized means, in a process filled with the tears of the aboriginals.” This is how the Chinese Communist propaganda works.

The Chinese Communist propaganda rug dared also to comment over the decision of Australia to issue on Monday a joint declaration with the U.S. and Japan last Monday, which urged China not to construct military outposts and reclaim more land in the disputed waters.

“Australia is not even a ‘paper tiger,’ it’s only a ‘paper cat’ at best,” a propagandist from the Global Times assessed.

Canberra did not decide yet whether it would send warships within 12 nautical miles (22 km) of disputed territory in the South China Sea as US has asked its allies in the south-east Asia. But chairman Xi Jinping and his Party’s minions are becoming increasingly anxious facing lose of control over South China Sea where his military hide their submarines in the network of the underwater tunnels. Beijing claims most of the South China Sea, through which more than $5 trillion in annual trade passes.


Australian newspapers are not correct in their assessment of this propaganda act against their government. Attempting to reduce the impact of the Communist China blow against Australians newspapers wrote about “the criticism” in the editorial of the Global Times. This is half-truth the least. Such an disinformation will not serve well understanding of gravity and seriousness of threat the Communist Chinese Party poses to Australia and Australian democracy.

Australian readers should not forget that the Chinese propagandists received their training from the Soviet Communist Party’s instructors. In the Soviet system (and increasingly in Russia under Putin) propaganda is an instrument of war against the West which is inevitable (it should be postponed until it is winnable according to Leninist of every colour, race and gender) to introduce Communist rule (note: not the system) over the earth.

Under the Communist dictatorship this type of publication is not an another one article of “a conservative” or “a nationalistic” newspaper. This is premeditated propaganda strike against one of the Western societies. 

chinese communist propaganda

It is aimed to raise fears among them, predominantly in “the business community”, that would prevent their governments from taking decisive actions against illegal, ruthless and uncivilised ruling group in Communist China. A group that is filled up with ideology of hatred towards democracies and personal liberties.