As secretary of state, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shared with her staff articles that would later be published in a work described as the “I Hate Israel Handbook,” according to some of the thousands of emails revealed Thursday by the State Department.

The reference was included in 2010 emails between Clinton and adviser Sidney Blumenthal regarding Israel. Blumenthal forwarded articles that would later emerge as part of his son’s, Max Blumenthal, book Goliath. The book — highly critical of Israeli policies — was published in 2013.

The leftist magazine summed up the reasoning of book’s author and thus, as it appears post factum, also Clinton’s true mentality: “The Palestinians are guilty of nothing. Israel’s actions are entirely unprovoked, motivated by pure racism.

The book contains, as other review described, “seventy-three short chapters, each one devoted to some shortcoming of Israeli society and/or moral outrage that the Jewish state has perpetrated against the Palestinians,” it read. “Some are titled to imply an equivalence between Israel and Nazi Germany.”