One email, even highly confidential, sent by senior official of State Department to Secretary of State may not be sufficient to make a hard conclusion. The legacy of this senior official as a diplomat in strategic places for the United States can reveal more but it will not suffice to make categoric judgment.

This particular email gives insight to the thinking of United States diplomats about the resolution of the most important global conflict.

On December 18, 2011 Ambassador Thomas Pickering sent his email suggesting possibility of provoking mass demonstrations in Israel to force Prime Minister Netanyahu cabinet to concessions for Arabs. Prominent American diplomat discussed protests of Palestinian women only because “on the Palestinian side the male culture is to use force”. According to Pickering, Palestinian women sitting in and calling for peace were supposed to develop “growth and momentum” similarly to Egyptian demonstration on Tahrir Square. Ambassador thought that protesting women could attract more interest from local community and also “gain more world attention”. This was supposed in the territories, as he put it, that is in Judea and Samaria.

At the stage two protesting Palestinian women were to encourage women in Israel, “both Jews and Arabs”, to do the same. “They too should keep men away” – he emphasised.

All of those demonstrations should have had prepared long term strategy. “It must be long term and find a way to bring continuing pressure to change minds at the top.” – he said. Ambassador added that protests to succeed there was supposed to be “public demonstrations and show growth as well” at the Israeli side. The convenient place for such demonstrations could be “major squares and parks in Jerusalem” and Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Ambassador Pickering suggested that Peace Now organisation (Shalom Akshav) could initiate such protests.

Ambassador Pickering is being perceived, along with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Robert Hunter, as an architect of successful protest of democratic movement which run the Orange Revolution in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.