Although Ambassador Zalman Shoval says in his brilliant article that he discusses two main reasons for terrorist attack: denial of terroristic Islamic jihadism to the point of an acceptance of the Middle Eastern antisemitism, hostilities between two communities in Belgium one can also add another one – virulent anti-Israelism with its Soviet roots.

It is sufficient to remind of the laws imposed by European Union that practically bars markets from trading with Judea and Samaria (through EU imposed labelling system), an occupied territory as Brussels officials put it. The eagerness of some Europeans to execute this laws led to form bizarre commandos which literally patrolled shops checking whether products are properly labeled. Years of anti-Israeli propaganda especially in Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Benelux states formed attitudes of hostility and anger towards Jews and Jewish people.

The Palestinian issue, which was purely a political instrument of the Soviet foreign policy skilfully used to manipulate Left of the West during the Cold War was never cleansed of the Moscow-imposed lies. The leftist publications, often sponsored by the International Department of the Communist Party of Soviet Union, are still a source of information about the recent history of the Middle East in the Western libraries. (Russian-government television for foreigners  /Russia Today known as RT/ continues spreading this old Soviet propaganda.)

There are almost none academic work or popular books that would debunk myths created about Palestinian-Israeli conflict by the Soviet manipulators. For instance, the chief terrorist who created multitudes of suicide bombers, injected hatred against Israel and West in hearts of thousands of young men and employed terrorist attacks as indispensable element of pro-Arab and anti-Western strategies Yasser Arafat is still being praised as human rights activist. The other example is funding of Palestinian Authority which its Constitution imposes Sharia law on its subjects. Moral confusion in Europe is nothing new and perhaps the best example of it is Nobel Peace price for Arafat, current President of European Parliament called as “dynamics of politics”.

What other outcome could be if for years the Europeans were bombarded with pictures of un-armed boys throwing rocks at heavily armed Israeli soldiers? Whether was it BBC, CNN, DW or French television the images were always the same and only one side was blamed – Israelis. For decades the Western media played to the Kremlin designed rule books of presenting the Palestinian conflict to shame the Western politicians, who tried to stand firm in their support for Israel as the only Western democracy in the region.

From Stalin to Gorbachev Moscow supported so-called Arab liberation movements, which are better known as terrorist hijackers, armed commandos and suicide bombers ripping Europe and the rest of the world during 1960s, 70s and 80s. The Western Media and academia never had a clue that the Palestinian resistance was an idea of Kremlin planners designed to undermine the Western democracies. They can not get it until now after the Palestinian resistance evolved into al-Qaeda (and its branches) and recently to the most brutal group called as ISIS. All of these groups deliberately are manipulating with the same myths to exploit weaknesses of the West identified in the past by the Moscow strategists.

The Western Left is breathing, thinking and walking in Moscow deceptions without realising it while acting as Soviet puppets even literally during the so-called Israeli Apartheid Days that was  smear invented by the Soviet Union. As Ben Cohen of Shirman Institute explains from the early 1960s onwards, the Soviet Communist Party began pumping out books and pamphlets dedicated to showing that Judaism and Zionism were doctrines that glorified Jewish racism towards non-Jews.

The ugliest example of this genre was published in 1963—note that date, because it’s four years before Israel took control of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and eastern Jerusalem following the Six-Day War—entitled “Judaism Without Embellishment.” The author was a man named Trofim Kichko. If the book brought anything to mind, it was the Nazi tabloid rag Der Sturmer, whose viciously anti-Semitic cartoons where echoed in Kichko’s book. Around the caricatures of hook-nosed Jews counting their fortunes in synagogues, Kichko came up with such gems as, “Jehovah delivered all the wealth of the non-Jews to the use of the Jews” and “Speculation in matzah, pigs, thievery, deception, debauchery—these are the real characteristics of many synagogue leaders.”

Cohen observed that it was Kichko, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union appointed writer – ed., that first mixed anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism.

He defined Zionists as the “ideological parasites” of “Jewish capitalists” and flayed the Zionist movement—in much the same manner as today’s intellectually fashionable anti-Zionists—as a particularly brutal form of colonialism.

The theme of colonialism reappeared in 1975 in the Communist tract by by Valeri Skurlatov, entitled “Zionism and Apartheid.”

In that work, Skurlatov screeched, “Racial biological doctrines, according to which people are divided into ‘chosen people’ and goyim, have been turned into official ideology and state policy in Israel and South Africa, where the ‘inferior’ are forcibly separated from the ‘superior.’ That is what apartheid is.”

This campaign against “Zionism” soon became an instrument of domestic policy (which was far more important for Soviets than foreign strategy since it was the only way of legitimisation of its power) , an integral element of the repression against Jewish communities behind the Iron Curtain.

This unfortunate post-Cold War heritage of the Soviet misinformation on the Old Continent must be rooted out otherwise the false concepts will be winning hearts and minds of generations of Europeans dying surprised by the hostile attacks from the forces that are exploiting this visible weakness of the West.

As Ambassador Shoval concludes: “As long as this mood continues in Belgium and in other places in Europe, it’s unlikely that the Europeans will be able to deal appropriately with the threats that consume them.”


Chilling photos showing the aftermath of the attack on Brussels Airport were released on Wednesday. There are two main reasons worth noting behind the ongoing security fiasco in Belgium: The first is the internal rift and hostility between the Flemish community in the north of the country and the Walloons in the south, leading to a lack of coordination between officials responsible for state security and intelligence. The second is the pathological denial of the nature of the war declared on the free world by Islamic jihad in all its shapes and forms.

Neither Palestinian terrorism nor terrorism in Europe is due to discrimination or frustration. The common denominator between them is the complete disregard for innocent lives and the goal to wipe out Jewish existence in any part of “Palestine” and to establish an Islamic caliphate in the continent of “infidels,” Europe. Not all Muslims in Europe, including in Belgium, are like this, but as long as the moderates remain silent in the face of the horror committed by their fellow Muslims, they become accomplices.

Israeli television presenter Ya’akov Eilon interviewed a senior Belgian politician, a member of parliament for the socialist party, to get his reaction to the Brussels terrorist attacks. The politician blamed Israel, the occupation and the unfulfilled vision of a Palestinian state, among other things, for the wave of terrorism that is plaguing Europe. It doesn’t matter whether that politician actually believes what he said or whether he was simply mechanically regurgitating the slogans of the European Left — the fact is that in parts of Europe, Israel is the scapegoat for all the bad things on the continent and in the world, a view that comes along with a fare share of poisonous anti-Semitism.

Anti-Israel boycott initiatives such as the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, labeling products from beyond the Green Line and ostracizing companies that operate in the “territories,” are part of this blame campaign.