Fifth worker of the bookstore in Hong Kong that sells anti-communist books went missing last Wednesday, December 31st, 2015. Mr. Lee Bo failed to arrive home on Wednesday evening and his wife has been unable to reach him. She told to Western media.

One of his colleagues said Mr Lee was taken away by unknown men and the fear is that Chinese officials have reached beyond mainland China to punish them for their work, our correspondent Juliana Liu in Hong Kong reports.

The details of his possible abduction that emerged, according to specialists, suggest the operation of [Chinese Communist] secret police. According to a source, before Mr. Lee went missing “earlier during the day someone has ordered ten books.” He went to warehouse. There “he was presumably kidnapped”.

Mr. Lee called his wife from Shenzhen, where he was probably taken from Hong Kong, to calm her. He spoke unusually in Mandarin instead Cantonese.

Two of the previous four men who disappeared were last seen in Shenzhen, mainland China, where their wives live; one was last seen in Hong Kong; and the other, the owner of the publishing house, was last heard from by email from Pattaya, Thailand, where he owns a holiday home.

The abduction of Hong Kong citizens confirms that one-country, two-systems promise given by Chinese communists to Hong Kong citizens, after the end of British rule in the city, was an empty promise. Communist, cannot be trusted, because he or she always says one thing and does something else.