Dina Mohamed Elmasry is Jew. Ten years ago she was threatened by Salafi muslims and together with her family left Egypt and settled in Israel.

Last week Prime Minister of Egypt Sherif Ismael revoked Dina’s citizenship explaining that she joined the army in foreign country. She would like to return to Egypt in her IDF uniform as a symbol of peace. She is being portrayed wrongly as an individual without identity by major Egyptian media.

Ahmed Musa, a journalist of private television which supportsĀ President of Egypt Abdel Fattah Elsissi, said that Israel is a “Neo-nazi”, “racist”, “terrorist” and “killer” state. He added that President Elsissi never shook hand of any Zionist. According to some observers, the television where Mr. Musa is an anchor should be considered as quasi state medium. Mr. Musa is being perceived as a prominent Egyptian journalist and political commentator with very good sources in the ruling elite.