Popular conviction about democratic reforms and other political changes in Communist Cuba may be wrong.

Habana regime appears to be the only from those involved in global affairs, which did not condemn last week North Korea’s H-bomb test.

As Wall Street Journal revealed in June 2015 Raúl Castro hosted Kang Sok Su, the secretary of international relations for the North Korean Workers’ Party. In September Mr. Kim received Cuban Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel in Pyongyang. Cuba’s state-owned newspaper Granma reported that Mr. Kim sent “an affectionate greeting” to the Castro boys during the visit.

These cozy relations should worry free world after WSJ revealed another fact: location of the lost a modern, laser-guided Hellfire missile, which which can be launched from a helicopter or drone as well as from a plane. It was most likely sold by spies to Castro’s country.