A group of Jewish families with children were removed from EasyJet flight before take off without any explanation. Harassed Jews compared behaviour of the Easy Jet employees to the German Nazi SS police during World War II.

French Jews were returning to their home in Paris after the Pesah vacations in Spain. Jews were treated aggressively and viciously by the Easy Jet flight attendants who also refused to speak in French or English.

The Jewish families wore their kippahs and thus were easy target for EasyJet employees. They called Spanish police to force Jews to leave the plane after two hours of plane’s waiting on tarmac. French Jews said they felt being treated like a terrorist.

Horror of persecuted Jews by the airlines continued at the airport. Where they were kept under guard of the Spanish police “under tight security” without air-conditioning. Only after 6 hours they were permitted to board the plane after the change of staff at the gate.

Until now EasyJet is still blaming Jews for “disruptive behaviour”. But as JewishUpdates, which first reported about this scandal, reminded the Easy Jet is a low-cost company based at London Luton Airport. It is not a secret that Luton area is massively populated by Muslims who do not love or even tolerate the Jews. It may not be coincidence that on July 7th, 2005 the London underground Arab-Muslim terrorists started at Luton train station their trip that took 75 lives and crippled hundreds.
The JewishUpdates reminds also that Luton’s Labour councillor, of Arabic nationality, Aaysegul Gurbuz, 20, praised Hitler as ‘the greatest man in history,’ according to the April 9, 2016 edition of the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper. Fortunately she was suspended by her Party. Gurbuz also is accused of Tweeting anti-semitic slogans including ‘the Jews are so powerful in the U.S. It’s disgusting.’