After former Facebook employees revealed that they have been engaged in suppressing and censoring posts published by the American conservatives, for example news from CPAC, it has emerged that social media giant tolerates propaganda of the Communist Party of China.

Chinese Communists learnt how to utilise social media to disperse “truth with Chinese characteristics” in form of English-language-articles and videos especially oriented on foreign audience. While party’s officials may not be perfect  in concealing of its real goals on YouToube or Twitter, they are, in terms of metric, doing great on Facebook. As Quartz website observed Chinese state media outlets are absolutely perfect – “in Facebook fans”.

This rapid growth of popularity of Chinese propaganda outlets, which joined Facebook only in recent years, indeed  looks like a miracles thus it raises serious questions about the method which uses Chinese Communist Party. The People’s Daily, obscure Communist propaganda website, increased its popularity particularly fast.

After the Quartz journalists analysed its growth from 3 mln in April, 2015 to 12 mln in April 2016 they identified two  factors that may lead to conclusion about faked activities of the Chinese propagandists.

First, fans of the Chinese propaganda outlets come from countries which are notorious for “click farms” where companies can but Facebook likes.

Secondly the top influencers as the biggest fans are known in social-media marketing, who drive the most views to Facebook sites they liked “didn’t actually engaged with what they are reading”. Journalists tried to contact  “influencers” of Chinese communist propaganda outlets, whose names include “Dollar Dollar” or “Rakesh Dash” who commented 56 and 53 times respectively on People’s Daily articles, but failed.

Facebook is hunting for its market share or better to put openly begging Communists pariahs. Mr. Zuckerberg, ignored human rights violations by China and he has already bowed down before the First Secretary of Communist Party X (including instructing his own employees to study Communist Secretary’s “wisdom”) . But now he must wait for mercy or show some kind of gestures.

Whatever the reason Facebook is tolerating China’s Communist Propagandists manipulation “working closely with Chinese companies to build international presence including setting up Facebook pages or selling information on Facebook’s audience to Chinese developers of apps”

The Facebook company “declined to make anyone available for an interview” on these matters. In the statement sent by Spokeswoman the Facebook company seemed “to indicate it had some concerns”. As Quartz concludes in the realm of social media it is becoming very difficult to distinguish legitimate media work from the Communist party’s propaganda. Facebook is based on simple algorithm that unless you or you friends are “liking” Chinese propaganda the stories will not appear on your feed. But that algorithm will not recognise wealthy supporters who can spend almost unlimited amount of money to boost their post – also to your feed.

The only defence against Chinese, or for instance Russian, organised propaganda effort is to know the truth – that is check it against multiple source and not to be attracted by more and more deceptive, sensationalist (“this huge”. “Oh wow”, “you must see it” etc.) headlines which are already mastered by the Russian and Chinese propagandists who use, yes English names and titles.