This week on Thursday, August 18th, German government will announce a new, stricter anti-terrorism laws, which will require detailed search of smartphones owned by a new refugees. Asylum seekers will be obliged to share with the security pins and passwords associated with their social media accounts and electronic devices.

For last several weeks German authorities and the border police of other European Union’s countries have been encountering serious problems with an establishing of true identity of recent refugees from the Middle East and Northern Africa, who rarely carry passports but almost always have their smartphones with them.

German Minister of Interior Affairs, Thomas de Maizière said that “he is confident that these proposals will increase security quickly.”

“If you want to come to Germany, we have to make safety checks on you. And to make safety checks, we will ask you to show us your Facebook contacts from the last few months, which are public in principle anyway,” de Maizière said.

Other elements of Germany‘s plan designed to prevent terror attacks by refugees, that will be announced, include  ease doctor patient confidentiality. It would oblige psychiatrists and the other mental health specialist to inform German authorities about individuals, who may pose a threat for a national security.

The security are part of 27-point Berlin Declaration designed by the Christian Democrat interior ministers.