First Secretary of Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, who held this post as the last chief apparatchik in history, was banned from entering Ukraine in the next five years. The press office of Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) published on Thursday information about the travel ban for Russian politician due to his public support of anshluss of Crimea by Mr. Putin.

Gorbachev, as Russian information agency TASS reported, did not want to comment the decision of Ukrainian authorities. “I think that journalist have something to talk and discuss” – he tried to dismiss the problem. But he looked upset.

On May 22nd, Gorbachev in an interview for Sunday Times expressed his support for Russian invasion.  He added that “majority of Crimeans wanted to become part of Russia”. He added that had he had been in Putin’s shoes he would have made the same decision.

Gorbachev has been wrongly credit with collapse of the Berlin Wall by some commentators, who also ignored that he assumed office of First Secretary after bloody massacre of youth demanding in democracy in Alma-Ata and Karaganda and months before the fall of Soviet Union he sent commandos to Tbilisi and tanks against peaceful demonstrators in Lithuania in 1989. Gorbachev repeatedly admitted to Communists in Russia that he has done everything what he could to save the Soviet Union. However in the same time he tried to take for himself a credit for collapse of Evil Empire.