President of the United States Barack Obama during what was supposed to be historic visit to Cuba said that Castro revolution is an equivalent to America’s revolution. Mr. Obama proved that Cold War propaganda theme is very difficult to be rooted out. 

When a giant, white-blue Boeing 747-200, the fastest commercial jet in the world, dubbed as Air Force One was on a path to landing at Havana airport, President Barack Obama put away his Blackberry phone and together with his team looked beneath at the suburbia of Cuban’s capital. There was a curiosity and perhaps some embarrassment on a face of President, as his super modern jet cruised over humble, primitive houses connected with net of wires. It might have been the only moment (or at least this picture may suggest that such moment of reflection indeed happen to the US President) when Mr. Obama realised the scale of an enormous devastation caused by the communist regime in Cuba. The rest of the events that took place during the visit are reason for shame and condemnation.

AirForce One landing in Cuba

AirForce One landing in Cuba


Probably the most troubling moment that could have been interpreted as an attempt to reinterpret history of Cuba was laying a wreath at the memorial statue of Jose Marti in the central square of Havana. During the ceremony Mr. Obama and his delegation chose to stand at the front of the mural of Cuban murderer Che Guevara. This Cuban man was fully dedicated to the Soviet plans of destruction of free world. Guevara imitating his hero, the worst murderer of twentieth century, the First Secretary of Soviet Communist Party Joseph Stalin, would sign his letters as Stalin II – outstanding writer and historian Humberto Fontova revealed in his excellent biography of Guevara.
Most likely for the first time in the history of the United States, and maybe even Western democracies, President of Free Country ignored in such a great scale both historical truth and emotions of thousands of families whose innocent but heroic loved ones were murdered only because they fought for basic liberties. Imagine American President standing at the front of the Lenin Mausoleum or on the cemetery where Nazis swastikas replaced crosses (like in Linz, Austria). It is astonishing that the US State Department permitted for such clear violation of basic human rights of hundreds of political prisoners, who are still alive (and at least 30,000 who were murdered according to the estimates from “The worst genocides of 20th century…” by the Internet documentarian and director of Artificial Intelligence Centre Pierro Scaruffi) and their families.


President Barack Obama is looking out at the window of AirForce One on final path to landing in Cuba

President Barack Obama is looking out at the window of AirForce One on final path to landing in Cuba


Another serious violation of truth, in language of Ralph Waldo Emerson, a stab at the health of society was an observation, which Mr. Obama himself announced as  “message to the Cuban government and the Cuban people”. “The ideals that are starting point for every revolution – America’s revolution, Cuba’s revolution, the liberation movements around the world – these ideals find their truest expression, I believe, in democracy” – said Mr. Obama. This shocking statement becomes even more as such when one realise that it was spoken by the President of the United States.
To begin one has to state that Castro-like revolutions would avoid word “democracy” replacing it with “people’s democracy”, a tautology, which aimed to confuse Western populations to think that Communist countries after all are also democracies. It looks like current President of the United States did not defend himself against this particular theme of Soviet propaganda.
Until now it was unimaginable that American political leaders would not recognise the difference between Soviet-inspired (or currently Russian, North-Korean, Chinese et consortes) “liberation movements” from the genuine freedom fighters behind the Iron Curtain, which fall in part in Eastern Europe in the 1990’s, but it is still standing in Cuba, China, Vietnam or North Korea. Unfortunately Freedom fighters from Central Europe in 1989 abandoned their Cuban (also Chinese and others) colleagues. While the elements of totalitarian state began to be removed in their countries, under Castro’s regime these institutions remained untouched. The Soviet Union was disassembled thousands of miles away, but the Soviet ideology did not disappeared from Cuba. With its demand of absolute loyalty to Castro’s regime imposed compulsory equality of poverty, privileged nomenklatura and the party’s leadership that replaced portraits of Lenin with Castro. It is also a lie that the education is accessible to every citizen of Cuba as supposed free healthcare. Every citizen of former socialist country knows that free-of-charge services were never free and they created a nasty systemic corruption, which forced every patient to reciprocate to doctor in cash and/or material rare goods such as alcohol, expensive chocolate or other gifts.

Independent Journalist Cuba

Independent journalist is being arrested by the Communist secret police of Cuba


President of the United States probably could not say more devastating untruth in the communist country than equaling of bloody, Soviet revolution with a peaceful demand for freedom and truth like, for instance, in Poland in 1980 and 1989, Czech Republic and Hungary in 1989. President Obama is mistaken if he really thinks that Fidel Castro is the same freedom fighter like for example Anna Walentynowicz from Polish Solidarnosc, Jan Palah from then Czechoslovakia, or Archbishop József Mindszenty from Hungary. Although human person’s motivations are mystery, one can judge his or her actions. Castro must horribly fail such test in comparison to freedom heroes.
Perhaps Mr. Obama’s inability to explain the difference between the American-like revolutions and the Cuban-like massacres is another evidence for defeat of West in a propaganda war of Soviet Union during the Cold War. In 1980’s Reagan Cold Warriors like Ambassador to the  United Nations Jean Kirkpatrick perceived this ideological deception as “severe danger and progressive, accelerating dangerous Soviet challenge”. Mr. Obama confirmed their concerns when in his statement equaled revolutionary Marxism with demand for basic human rights brilliantly formulated in Magna Carta, Bill of Rights and American Constitution.
The deafening silence of the rest of democratic world suggest either that the significance of Mr. Obama’s statement was not fully understood or a kind of consensus that ideologies of totalitarian regimes should not be exposed by the Western democrats. In absence of the voice of current politicians one needs to return to wisdom of Cold Warriors, who passed away. One finds such wisdom in the Ambassador Kirkpatrick’s brilliant exposition of hidden evil of the Marxist-Leninist rhetoric.
She begins from drawing thick line between Cuba-like revolutions and democracy:


“Soviet Union, has really shares virtually nothing of our liberal democratic traditions or the values, on which these traditions are based, much less institution which embody it. Hardest of all to remember is that Marxism-Leninism and Soviet state power, the political organization through which Marxism-Leninism speaks today, has nothing at all in common with our liberal-democratic traditions”.


During the Cold War the liberal democratic traditions, which America is heir, the belief that government should be the servant, not the master of people, the beliefs that ordinary human beings, individuals are the best judges of their own interest and that legitimate government represents those interests as perceived by the individuals themselves – those values and those institutions were under serious and dangerous challenge. The principal challenger was Soviet Union.
The Soviet Union, indeed, “had really shared virtually nothing of the liberal democratic traditions or the values, on which these traditions are based, much less institution, which embodies it”. Its Cuban-like revolutions followed by massacres imported directly from Kremlin were related to America’s traditions as antithesis to thesis.
President of United States should have said in Cuba that its revolution does not incorporate either in theory or in practice Western liberalism, democracy or even socialism. It rather denies all of the essential elements of Western democratic traditions. It sees classes not individuals as principal motor of history.
Mr. Obama’s visit to Cuba, which should be granted to the Communist regime only after it introduces free speech, announces free elections and full amnesty to political prisoners. None of this happened instead the Castro brothers’ regime exploited the US President visits to lower morale of political opposition.

Airforce One took off from Havana after Mr. Obama spoke to some political prisoners, which he earlier was silent about during the press conference together with country’s dictator Raul Castro. Even though the State Department must have known that hours before Mr. Obama arrival regime arrested 304 freedom fighters and at least 47 others were imprisoned in Cuban gulags Mr. Obama did not reacted on what was Raul Castro’s open mockery of political prisoners. This situation once again confirmed that not only head of Cuban hydra was not crushed but that Communist monster is alive and well. The visit of Mr. Barack Obama in Communist Cuba, which was supposed to be historic event, changed onto a historical scale disaster.