Newly appointed Director of Mossad Yossi Cohen will likely focus on increasing of the role of human intelligence said Yossi Cohen, Israeli intelligence analyst. Cohen, former National Security Advisor was head of intelligence operations in Europe in 1980’s. He began his career as katz, intelligence case officer in agency.

Yossi Cohen, 54, was born to an observant family in Jerusalem in 1961. He studied at the Ohr Etzion Yeshiva seminary under Rabbi Haim Drukman and, after serving in the Israeli army, was accepted into Mossad’s prestigious intelligence officers.

Cohen as head of Mossad will very likely put bigger emphasis on the most important department Tzomet (junction) – the division responsible for locating, recruiting and running agents to gather the intelligence necessary to make decisions. New Mossad chief specialises in these type of operations.

New Director will also have to adapt the organization to face the new challenges posed by the shifting reality of the Middle East. This reality includes the disintegration of traditional states and the rise of terrorist organizations, including Islamic State, Sinai Province and Syria’s Nusra Front.

Cohen gave also reasons to conclude that strained Israel’s relations with Turkey will be amended. He observed day before his nomination: “Israel’s place in the Middle East is increasingly challenged, and it will be reinforced by cooperation with our neighbors, particularly Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. It is in our interest to forge strategic economic relationships with these states.”