Vladimir Putin is demanding from Ukraine a full repayment of 3 billion dollars loan that is due on December 20th. After Ukraine turned to International Monetary Fund for a meditation, it ruled out that this debt is an official not a commercial one.

Putin boasts about the fact that Ukraine government can default.

IMF officials ignored fact that Russia seriously damaged financially Ukraine by military invasion and occupation of Crimea and igniting of partisan war in Eastern Ukraine where since then over nearly eight thousand people have died.

It maybe obvious that Putin, a politician who has a criminal past, not to mention his still to be revealed activities for subversion of Western democracies during Cold War, will not be willing to pay for damage he inflicted on Ukraine.

Westerners once again are receiving an evidence that IMF officials are not willing to see Russian wrongdoing. In fact IMF stands behind a criminal from Kremlin.

Putin granted this loan to his crony previous Ukrainian President Yankovich to discourage him from entering into preliminary process of integration with European Union. Ukrainians revolted against Yankovich in mass-protest in major cities of the country, including Kiev. Yankovich with a help of Moscow advisors tried to massacre protest in Kiev. His police and army killed at least 130 participants of Maidan protests in Kiev. Yanukovich escaped to Russia overnight.

It is worthy to notice that current IMF President Christine Legarde will face court during the trial over her role in a €403m (£293m) sum handed over to a French businessman when she was minister of French government.