Speaker of Knesset, Israeli Parliament, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein hosted the chairwoman of the Russian Federation Council on Wednesday. Matvienko laid a wreath at the memorial for fallen Israeli Defence Force’s soldiers and signed a cooperation agreement between Knesset and the upper chamber of the Russian parliament.

The Parties of the agreement will, under their competence contribute to development of political, economic, scientific, cultural and humanitarian ties between Russian Federation and the State of Israel. The Parties will promote parliamentary cooperation between both countries through dialogue and consultation to further develop a contractual and legal framework ensuring the improvement of the relationship between the two States.

One of the provisions of the signed treaty encourages for exchanging of information on legal activities, on official publications and documents of mutual interests. The Parties plan to further develop inter-parliamentary ties through the exchange of visits of delegations, promote closer interaction between relevant committees and commissions, cooperation of groups of the Parties.

Matvienko spoke about the cooperation between Israel and Russia and said she was pleased with the “mechanism that was created during the meeting last summer between President [Vladimir] Putin and Prime Minister Netanyahu with regards to Syria“.

We are conducting dialogue with Syrian organizations, but we will not allow the transfer of weapons to an organization that wreaks destruction and death – she stressed.

Asked about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the head of the Russian Federation Council said it must be resolved diplomatically. – We are concerned about the escalation of the past few months, and we will work
towards finding a solution –  Matvienko added.

Israel and Russia share a long historic legacy of more than 1,000 years, during which rich Jewish life of diverse creativity prospered throughout Russia –  Edelstein said.  – We are deeply familiar with the dramatic role the Red Army played in defeating the Nazis in World War Two. The Jewish and Russian nations fought shoulder to shoulder.

About half a million Jewish soldiers fought in the ranks of the Red Army, and some 200,000 of them were killed in action. To this day Israel and the Knesset mark the victory of the Allied Forces, which caused the historic turnaround and stopped the catastrophe.

Our history had chapters of conflict, mainly during the Cold War – Edelstein continued to say.  – Thankfully, this conflict ended and there are good relations between Russia and Israel.

We seek to tighten the dialogue on all levels and develop the relations in the areas of economy, culture and