For centuries attitude towards Jewish people mirrored moral and ethical situation of world countries. The same test seems to suggest that dividing Muslims into moderate and “radical” groups have serious limitations. Supposedly moderate Muslims often are simply hostile towards Jews and Israel. The example of such attitude may be opinion of father of San Bernardino terrorist, who would reassure his son that Israel will disappear in a few years and the Jews will return to Ukraine.

It is astonishing says the Tablet magazine writer that when it comes to anti-semitism of Arabs world practice double-standard approach.

And yet, when it comes to moderate Muslims, we view Jew-hating as understandable, even acceptable. In Bedfordshire, England, for example, the local police launched a social media campaign to promote tolerance and diversity, featuring an officer standing side by side in solidarity with Qadeer Baskh, the chairman of the local Luton Islamic Centre. Jews, that institution’s website makes clear, are the “brethren of swine and pigs,” who “strive their utmost to corrupt the beliefs, morals, and manners of Muslims” and must therefore be vanquished. You can hear similar opinions from celebrated moderates in Amman, Cairo, Brooklyn, and elsewhere.