The transaction with Western IT companies such as Microsoft or Kaspersky understandably Chinese Communists labeled as “defence of their country against cyber-attacks”.

In association, as a propaganda agency Xinhua said, with a government controlled China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC)  Microsoft will create a secure Windows-based operating systems for Chinese government organs and state-owned enterprises.

It is not unusual that Chinese Communists will have control over the new joint venture with its 51-percent stake.

Kaspersky’s decision to get involved with totalitarian regime may not be surprising since, as Soviet, he not only was raised and educated in un-democratic state but he also served to KGB, an organisation that planned to destroy West internally. As it has been revealed Kaspersky, allegedly, is still staying in contact with Russian intelligence officials and it appears that he re-formed his company to serve their interests. According to a propaganda agency Xinhua, Kaspersky said: “he will do his best to work with the CETC and Chinese government organs.”

It is obvious that Communist China hunts for more advanced methods to enforce censorship in cyberspace. The regime has no intentions to democratise China but to the contrary ideological brainwashing efforts has been increased in last three years.

American and Western IT companies cooperating with illegal Chinese regime are becoming guilty of their human rights abuses including un-lawful censorship.