Argentina’s government has an evidence of Iran’s involvement in the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Centre in Buenos Aires suggests leaked recording.

On Friday, December 18th, 2015 the Argentinian radio station aired recording of talk of Hector Timerman, then Foreign Minister with Jewish leaders in 2012.

Timerman defends the efforts made by the government of then-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, saying the only goal is to solve the AMIA case. Timerman justifies the negotiations with Iran to jointly investigate the attack, which killed 85 and injured hundreds, saying “Eighteen years ago they planted the bomb.” AMIA criticized the talks with Iran.

On the tape is recorded conversation between Timerman, Guillermo Borger, then the president of the AMIA Jewish community organisation and AMIA vice president Jose Scaliter.

Borger: “We don’t regard Iran as valid [as a negotiating partner].”

Timerman: “And who do you want me to negotiate with, Switzerland?”

Borger: “I will just say that Iran lies, is not credible and denies the Holocaust.”

Timerman: “But we don’t have anyone else to negotiate with […] Well, tell me who you want me to negotiate with?”

Later, Borger says: “I hope you can negotiate with another …”

Timerman: “If there was someone else, they [the Iranians] wouldn’t have planted the bomb. So we are back to the beginning. Do you have someone else for me to negotiate with?”

Scaliter: “We don’t tell you with whom you must negotiate.”

Argentina has accused the Iranian government of directing the bombing, and the Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah of carrying it out, but no arrests have been made in the case.