New Mossad Director Strategy

Director of Israeli Intelligence Agency will likely shift its focus into human intelligence efforts.

Lack of social welfare may further cripple Asian economies

Painful policies are needed now to resolve problem of ageing of increasingly poor populations concluded World Bank analysts in its new report.

Clinton trafficked in conspiracies

Clinton trafficked in conspiracies that suggested US conservatives, Christians and Israel were to blame for Islamic terrorism.

ISIS is controlled by Russia

Specialist on Russia intelligence policies, exiled Chechen Minister says that terrorist groups was shaped and is being sustained by Russian secret services.

Netanyahu: this is clash against civilisation

Prime Minister of Israel called recent wave of terror attacks in Israel and elsewhere “a clash against civilisation”.

Argentina restarts investigation of Jewish Centre bombing

The evidence gathered during a previous investigation suggests that Iran, Hezbollah and Syria’s regime was responsible for this attack.

Russians must run a peaceful revolution, opposition leader says

Current Russian regime, which perpetrated constitutional coup, can only be changed by revolution.

Fed's increase in interest rates good for banks

This change in a monetary strategy had long been pushed by Wall Street.