Last week Luo Yu, a friend of current First Secretary of Communist Party of China Xi Jinping published unprecedented open letter.  Yu, high-ranking general living in the West, is a son of founding member of Communist Party of China.

Yu called Chairman Xi to begin transformation of the country political system. General proposed five reforms which resemble the soviet Perestroika policies that were focused on pluralism of political parties and free speech. He emphasised that Xi will not be able to stop “the biggest crisis” of China in its modern history until one party dictatorship is removed. “Today China is in crisis: crisis of faith, moral crisis, environmental crisis, financial crisis, the crisis in education, healthcare and resource crisis. In short there is not one aspect of life in China that would not be in crisis. Why? The fundamental reason is is one party dictatorship.” – Luo Yu concluded.

Brother Xi,

I still call you, the greatest officer, as brother despite of discontentment of many people. I think that if you listen China will have hope under your rule.

My father and your father fought together as brothers in arms during the war. After, he became a deputy Prime Minister they became very good friends. My father had passed away after Cultural Revolution. Your father and my aunt (Xi’s mother) would come home to visit Wenhanwennuan.

Your mother would often come to my house when my mother would go to City Hall to watch a movie. I would cordially welcome your mother at the door. My mother and your would then go together. Hu Yaobang, Deng Xiaoping and Yang Shangkun stood ordered that your father would be kept under the home arrest in Shenzhen. My mother went to Guandong to visit your parents. Finally your father was allowed to return to Beijing. Hu Yaobang’s mother asked my mother: Do you know why your husband was under the home arrest in Shenzhen?” My mother said: “no”. Li Zhao answered: “It is because when Yaobang got old Bo took his place”.

At the time Bo Yibo and Jiang Zemin tried to push Bo Xilai high in hierarchy. Now you took this high position. All of this happened because there is no succession mechanism in the authoritarian system. You know about it better than me. You crushed successfully plot of Zhou and Bo who tried to run the coup. However anticorruption campaign is not sufficient. The party is rotten. Some are supporting you, others are neutral yet others are waiting for you to downfall.

If you want to really win war with corruption and clean Communist Party of China then the only way is ordered and gradual democratisation. Today’s China is in crisis: crisis of faith, moral crisis, environmental crisis, financial crisis, the crisis in education, healthcare and resource crisis. In short there is not one aspect of life in China that would not be in crisis. Why? The fundamental reasons is is one party dictatorship. Why not the gradual democratisation, then?

First lift the veil of censorship. At the United Nations you said: “freedom, democracy, equality is the common value of humanity.” Chinese people can not even speak freely  but also talk about freedom, democracy and quality. It is not lose control over the country. “Constitution” states the authority in the country are not feasible, but also it talks about the rule of law. One can never say one thing and do another. If there would be freedom of the press then officials would not dare to be greedy. Discipline can not remove the greed – this is proven truth.

Then you need to lift the ban for establishing of new political parties. You need to allow opposition parties to exist, only then CCP will have opportunity to clean itself.

The third reform is judicial independence. China has a “constitution” but not a constitutional government. Nobody comply with the rule of the Constitution. First, the CCP does not abide the law. Look at the Cultural Revolution or persecution of Falun Gong. The CCP rules illegally in the country.

The fourth reform is the election of all elected officials.

The fifth is the political neutrality of the military. Army can not be involved in political struggle.

These five propositions are the basis of democracy. Country under the leadership of the CPC found itself in what is called dictatorship. It is the world’s most backward anti-people political system.

Your father was a major figure in Mao Zedong’s peasant revolution, that drove out the imperialists and put Chinese history on its feet. But after the success of the revolution, China did not establish democracy but instead of it created an autocracy. Let’s leave Mao Zedong where is Washington.

We all tested bitterness of autocracy and we should be always more progressive than our predecessors. The world’s main contradiction is the contradiction of autocracy and democracy.

(…) Chinese government massacred Chinese people who demanded democracy protesting on Tiananmen square. After Deng Xiaoping abused his power one may think you have something common with democratic world. (…)

Today many mainland Chinese know little about Tiananmen. Only in Hong Kong and Taiwan every year Tiananmen tragedy of Chinese people is being commemorated. Democratic world lifted sanctions on China after the massacre. France, Britain, Italy and United States arm dealers always wanted to have the sanctions against China lifted to do business with China’s corrupted officials that in democratic world are not allowed.

Do you understand that China is in biggest crisis now in its modern history? This is crisis of faith and morals. Sanctions put on China by democratic world suggest that democracy is the world of faith and moral strength. Your efforts to prevent the coup will not be successful because the party is rotten. And the authoritarian system is broadcasting continually propaganda overseas.

Luo Yu, is the son of People’s Liberation Army general Lo Jui-Ching and founding member of Communist Party of China. He cooperated with Xi Jinping in PLA General Staff. He broke with Chinese Communist Party in 1988. Luo published “Farewell to the General Staff”.