"The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict" (Martin Luther King)


Members of European Union can turn Brerror into its Brenrichment.

Historical scale disaster

President of United States should have said in Cuba that its revolution denies all of the essential elements of Western democratic traditions: liberalism, democracy and even socialism.

The only defensive shield for democratic Asia

When defending against nuclear ballistic missiles, it is the ideal to intercept them as high and as far away as possible as well as have multiple shot opportunities in a layered approach to provide the best possible defense for the population and large region below.

Russian reset in Syria

Assad regime in Syria stronger than ever and ISIS position improved thanks to Russian intervention

Destruction in Israel under different name

The opposition by Mahmoud Abbas to a peace agreement based on the right of the Jews to a state is a fundamentally strategic and ideological approach observes Ambassador Zalman Shoval .