The terrorist group known as ISIS, which is so-called Islamic State, appears to already have its followers in Brussels.

On a video recorded in Arabic, that was posted on You Tube, a followers of terrorist group of ISIS  present professionally designed propaganda message.

A young man, who introduces himself as “Khalil Ibrahim”, claims to come from so-called Emir of ISIS al-Baghdadi, is being seen, together with other men of his age, unveiling a black flag of the terrorist group. A man with covered face helps him to hold the flag.

Later on this video the unknown men of Arabic appearance are also being seen unveiling another flag of terrorists. Next these young men are being joined by others who are holding American flag, while male voice is being heard chanting in Arabic. It appears also that men are preparing themselves for burning of the flag of the United States of America on public square of the capital of Belgium.

The video lasts one minute and four seconds.

The group that prepared ISIS presentation on the public square in Brussels is not an amateur. It employs propaganda techniques such as a board filled with pictures of alleged victims of war in the Middle East as the background for the staged interview of their leader, changes scenes to communicate the messages and uses audio and video effects that influence emotion and imagination of viewers.

The pictures on the board that is being seen during short interview of the leader are not casually chosen. Some of the pictures appear to be the same propaganda, doctored images that are being used in information war by terrorists groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas and others during the terrorist wars against Israel. Perhaps such is their role – to raise emotions which are regularly being saturated by such images in the propagandistic media of some Arab countries.

It is not clear when exactly this video was recorded. But it was probably prepared during the summer season of 2015 and published only in November of 2015. It started to be promoted by the Ozoom Media Services account  in the Social Media this week. The account contains also short videos from a mosque in Brussels and from Molenbeek so-called “islamic district” of the city where Belgium police arrested several terror suspects.

The sophistication of the ISIS propagandists indicates that they perfectly understand the potential and place of an information war plays in terrorism. …