President of Russia Vladimir Putin might want to appear as friend of Israel when he replied on New Year wishes sent to him by Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the official President of Russia website Putin: “noted with satisfaction that Russian-Israeli relations have retained their positive dynamics, expressing his resolve to make every effort in the coming year to enhance the entire range of bilateral ties for the benefit of the people of Russia and Israel and in the interests of ensuring stability and security in the Middle East.

Apart from Putin’s statement a reality of Russia’s foreign policy in relation to Israel’s neighbors seems to be very problematic and it is hard to image how it could ensure “stability and security in the Middle East“.

Russia signed lucrative contracts with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran for construction of the nuclear reactors. In theory reactors should be element of civilian nuclear-energy programs. Russia did not enforce any limitation on usage of the reactors which can be relatively easily turned into bomb-making equipment.

Kremlin started also to sell sophisticated conventional weapons to Egypt and Iran.

Egypt is procuring advanced warplanes from Russia, including the S-300 anti-aircraft defense system. Iran is also expected to arm itself with a system of this type, as well as advanced warplanes and other weapons systems. In addition to its nuclear cooperation with Russia, Saudi Arabia is also liable to expand its procurement of advanced Russian systems.

United Arab Emirates informed U.S. congressmen that, due to Western nuclear deal with Iran, it will not longer honour agreements not to enrich uranium.