NEW YORK – Russian President Vladimir Putin is readying for repeated invasion of Ukraine suggested expert on Ukrainian issues Adrian Karatnycky from Atlantic Council. “A serious Russia-manafuctured escalation is underway” – Karatnycky wrote on his Facebook page.

Karatnycky, who has first-hand information of political situation in Ukraine, claimed that Putin “has just gone on air to blame Ukraine for adopting ‘terrorist tactics’ and launching an assault over the weekend in Crimea that led to the deaths of two Russians”. He said the attack would not ‘pass idly-by’. – observed Karatnycky. “Stay tuned. A serious Russia-manufactured escalation is underway.” – he concluded.

Russian President Putin cancelled a planned gathering of the “Normandy group” on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict because “it is pointless”.

Tensions were high in the northern part of Crimea over the weekend, with residents reporting sightings of long convoys of heavy Russian weaponry not far from the Black Sea peninsula’s border with mainland Ukraine.

Crimean Tatar activists had reported armed checkpoints being erected at scattered sites around the Russian-occupied peninsula, and unusually large concentrations of Russian hardware in northern regions – Radio Liberty reported.