Putin’s priests are openly lobbying for different economic projects as diverse as regulations prohibiting use of plastic bottles and outlawing of Wikipedia.

A high representative of Moscow Orthodox hierarchy, Dmitri (Mikhail Pyershin) is involved in an anti-PET campaign for prohibition of plastic bottles for alcohol drinks. It was launched by alcohol lobbies to raise sales of beer cans made of metals.  Dmitri in 1996 lobbied for a duty-free imports of a large amounts of alcohol and tobacco as “humanitarian aid”,

Another top official of Putin’s religion, Tikhon, with close ties to highest command of Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine who performs religious rites which Putin attends in Moscow’s Stratensky Monastery is involved in an anti-PET lobbying.

Closest cooperative of Putin’s church head, Vsevolod Chaplin, contemplates establishing of the bank by his religious organisation.

The Moscow Orthodox hierarchy involvement in trade and commerce and its close relations to Kremlin operating on the border of criminal world proves that this organisation radically differs from Christian church.