Alexandr Dugin, Russian chauvinist and ideologist seen as a brain-power behind the decisions of current Kremlin elites regarding chains of wars from Georgia to Ukraine to Syria and occupation of Crimea, has endorsed US businessman Donald Trump.

His recommendation for Trump was published on nationalist website Katehon. Dugan in a surprising language which is mimicking American conservatives criticised Republican Party as an “elitist” and “ruling class”.

“The Republicans… are the representatives of the US ruling class. It is a special part of society, being quite far from the ordinary Americans” – observed Dugin. Russian ideologist who regularly transmits conspiracy ideas accused GOP for thinking in terms of the global politics, instead of American perspective. He added that elites are serving American citizens but rather it is accumulating  “unbelievable” amount of money for creation of “the world government and financial oligarchy”. “The American elite is not even American” – concluded Putin’s ideologue.

Dugin contrasted GOP with Trump, who is “different”: “rough, tough, rude, emotional, and apparently candid”. Russian chauvinist could not hide his admiration for American businessman:

“He is trustworthy… Trump is a leader… we want to put trust in Donald Trump.”

“it is true America” – emphasised Dugin.

In 2014 Alexander Dugin recommended Putin to introduce plans of Russian domination over Europe. One of the elements of this plan was “de-Americanisation of Europe” through creation of autonomous EU military forces on the basis of German and French army, independently of NATO. Dugin did not hide his goal: “American hegemony and dominance of the dollar as well as domination of Atlanticism, liberalism and the financial oligarchy is ended.”

This is the same Dugin, who now joins Newt Gingrich and other Republicans in their endorsement of Donald Trump.