MOSCOW – Putin’s Russia restores an old anti-semitic libel, so-called Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the public debate. On August 5th, the Russian REN-tv, one of the most popular television channels, broadcasted controversial television show during its prime-time, which suggested that Jewish people are involved in conspiracy to bring about the destruction of the world.

The para-documentary show “Titanic, a report from contemporary world”, that is an evidence of Russia’s antisemitism, at first accused Jews for catastrophe of the ship and used this tragedy as a metaphor for an imminent destruction of the current civilisation. According to the authors of the program a mysterious “club of 300”, which consists of Jews and Free Masons, is conspiring to impose one currency, government and system to acquire full control over the world.  The ultimate goal of the club of 300 is to rule with a fear and dictate, said show.

“Russia will share the fate of the third-class passengers, who were forced to stay behind the iron doors and die in sinking Titanic” – said a narrator of the show, suggesting that Jews premeditated this role for Russians.

The show accused also Jews for the disaster of Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986, the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991 and the terrorist attack on World Trade Center in 2001.

A controversial program, transmitting faked history, claimed that the club of 300 was established in 1897 during the first Zionist Congress, which pre-selected and sponsored members of this club. The television show also claimed that so-called anti-semitic libel “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” were read during that Congress.

Supposedly Russian spy Yulia Glinka discovered this fantastic Jewish conspiracy and convinced Yosif Shapiro-Shost to lend her a copy of “a secret plan of Jews and Free Masons” for a one night. On that night, as a fantastic Russian REN-tv’s story goes, that Tsarist female spy took photos of “the Protocols”. In 1903 Russian authorities spread this libel among the population. But Russian REN-tv said that the Russia was always a country “in the state of war with Jewish and Free Masonry’s conspiracy”.

Ren-tv’s show authors violated long-time ago established historic truth about the so-called “Protocols” which were made up by Tsarist intelligence Okhrana.

This slanderous program on state-controlled television in Putin’s Russia, which has been established and controlled by former KGB functionaries is another stage of the Kremlin’s state campaign against non-Russian Orthodox religions including Judaism. Fuelling antisemitism among predominantly Russian-Orthodox population, which is prone to open hostility towards Jews may raise a doubts whether the Putin’s Russia is genuinely interested in the safety and well-being of all of Russian citizens. The scandalous promotion of the antisemitic libel during prime time by one of the biggest Russian television may also suggest that it is the end of era of moderate tolerance, which started only in 1990’s.

President of the Federation of Russian Jews Rabbi Alexandr Borod expressed his deep concern due to the Russian’s state attempt to acquire the control over the daily prayer services and study of Torah.

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A prominent member of Russian Duma Mikhail Starshinov, from Putin’s party One Russia, sponsors a bill which introduces state control over the religious education and activity based on the Soviet model. According to Rabbi Borod, the Starshinov bill is de facto a initiative of Kremlin which nobody will resist.

This legislation de facto restores old Soviet system of total control over the life and activities of religious groups and churches in Russia.