On February 18th, 2017  RT, the Russian propaganda television for the foreign viewers, referred to the opinion poll conducted by Gallup. It was another Gallup but RT purposefully used the name of the respected American company in its news report based on a completely different type of poll conducted by the obscure firm.

RT sought another means to add credibility to the news generated in accordance with the Kremlin’s propaganda line. The news report said about the alleged willingness of four Russia’s neighbors to turn for a protection to Moscow, instead of NATO.

The company’s name that RT quoted as “Gallup” is WIN/Gallup. Its website carries a disclaimer: “WIN/Gallup International Association or its members are not related to Gallup Inc., headquartered in Washington D.C which is no longer a member of Gallup International Association. Gallup International Association does not accept responsibility for opinion polling other than its own. We require that our surveys be credited fully as Gallup International (not Gallup or Gallup Poll).” Among the members of WIN/Gallup is also the Bulgarian company called Gallup, which has “been using for years, totally illegally, the brand and the name of the famous American polling and research firm ‘Gallup’”, as explained in this English-language article by Bivol.bg.

The RT ignored the information or it should be said hide this disclaimer choosing to provide false information.