Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former Russian oligarch turned to be activist in opposition, said that current regime which perpetrated constitutional coup can only be stopped by a revolution. Khodorkovsky emphasised that it needs to be a peaceful revolution.

Khodorkovsky, former owner of Yukos oil company, who was arrested by Putin and sentenced for 10 years in gulags spoke from London via Internet to journalists and audience gathered in the offices of Open Russia in Moscow, an organisation he established. He argued that Russian state introduces an illegal law and called for a civic disobedience. He explained that pulling Russia out of this path of illegality is called revolution. “The main purpose”, he added, is “to run peaceful revolution”.

Khodorkovsky public appearance follows revelations of Spanish prosecutor, who revealed the court documents on arrested and accused members of Russian mafia with lists of names of influential figures in Russian politics. Recently German television revealed in an explosive documentary connections of the highest officials in Kremlin with Russian organised crime.