Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentleman

Team of professional journalists and editors with an extensive and broad experience in mainstream European and American media are editing New World Standard Critique. One day, each of us realised that we would not be able any longer fulfil our calling to free, independent and reasonable reporting and to aggregating and originating of Judeo-Christian ideas. We would not be able to minister with reliable and relevant news and informed opinion if we would remain part of mainstream media.

We will not be reporting or discussing any issues through the lens of any ideology. Last century has proven that ideas are always better choice. Relatively peaceful and prosperous world that was shaped after the cataclysm of World War II, rested on ideas of common market, shared defence and open society. After moral devastation, that world was based on indispensable and inalienable rights that Creator endowed every human person – among these rights are Life, Freedom and Pursuit of happiness.

These are our values we ready to defend but most importantly we are prepared to promote them. If you would like to receive our updates please leave us your email address (we will keep it securely and we will not spam you with unwanted offers).

We all believe, things to which we’ve quietly pledged our deepest loyalties. We believe in the dignity of each man, woman, and child. Part of the this right to dignity is freedom of speech that is being constantly redefined and abused in public square.

So we are coming just in short time to participate in changing this world for better. We will be  soon joining  those women and men who struggle for common good on the marketplace of ideas. This way we want to challenge the new world standard!

See you soon.