Israeli government is convinced that next war with Hezbollah may cause “thousands of civilian deaths” due to the newly acquired advanced weaponry by terrorist organisation. Its arsenal of rocket exceeds the total amount of all arsenals of NATO countries except the USA – reported Tower magazine. The military capabilities of Hezbollah are now ten times bigger than during the 2006 war.

The advanced Iranian-supplied rocket arsenal, could lead to “thousands of civilian deaths,” a white paper published by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies revealed. The paper by Jonathan Schanzer, Tony Badran, and David Daoud, explores the history of Hezbollah’s conflict with Israel, the possibility of a future conflict, the consequences of a potential war, and policy recommendations to prevent such a war.

Hezbollah fighters are involved in war in Syria, which is draining the resources of the group. Due to this fact the possibility of war at this moment is rather small and  according the mutual understanding between the two sides terrorists will not attack Israel if the Jewish state will not target Hezbollah sites in Lebanon. Authors of the paper however are concerned that in the ‘slippery slope’ scenario as senior IDF officers, which can be ignited by a small spark like tactical strikes, may turn to the escalation of the conflict.