Since the end of open war in Libya in October of 2013 terrorist groups are trying to regain control over important districts. Until 2016 they would attack the state targets. Since several weeks observers have observed major change in their strategies of destabilisation of the state. Terrorists are kidnapping Libyan children of state employees for ransom hoping to impose atmosphere of fear and terror in the peaceful and ordered districts.

A Libyan mother found at the door of their house in Tripoli, capital of the state, a body of her 11-year-old thrown by terrorists. A boy was kidnapped 68 days ago.

Militia demanded exorbitant sum of half of a million dinars but the ransom was beyond abilities to raise money for his parents. His father who is a state low-paid employee said that the child was tortured and murdered by hanging. “His little neck could not hold the rope which almost decapitated him” – he said.

This another case of kidnapping of child for ransom by terrorists. There has been 14 attacks on children since the beginning of 2016.