“PLA moves on Tiananmen, casualties high”- six of seventy-five words paragraph stood out. The short sentence of the confidential report sent by the American Embassy in Beijing rang down the curtain. It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon in Beijing, Saturday, June 3-rd, 1989. The illegal regime of the Communist Party of China replied to thousands of Chinese students from different regions of the country, who demanded for freedom, truth and democracy, with military might.

Twelve hours time difference was between sender and receiver of this special cable from Beijing. In the Harry S. Truman building of the State Department, headquarters of the most important diplomatic centre in the world in Washington DC, atmosphere was far from sleepy. In the secured office, the group of special diplomats, who had just formed a working group Special Task Force TFCHO1, stared at the report faxed by the coded machines from the American Embassy in Beijing.

Experienced ambassadors and younger specialists were carefully looking for words that could convey the scope of tragedy of students at Tiananmen Square in the capital of China. The demonstrations had been taking place for seven weeks. Three weeks earlier it appeared that conflict might be a part of domino effect that had been shaking with Communist tyrannies around the Eastern Europe.

That morning report they were reading confirmed that China would not be a part of this chain reaction. 

They could not hide their disappointment and horror while writing first paragraph of memo that had to be sent urgently to the Embassies around the world. “Troops using automatic weapons advanced in tanks, armoured personnel carriers and trucks,” “there was considerable resistance by demonstrators and the number of casualties appear very high” – one of them typed.


Reporters cannot count dead and injured 

The television sets were muted but conflicting statements in subtitles had proven that reporters had difficulty to estimate amount of murdered and injured by People’s Liberation Army. It seemed like a reporter had been able to see smaller picture than several cameras of the television network placed strategically in the centre of Beijing.

Diplomats could see like tanks and armoured military vehicles were smashing barriers set up by the demonstrators. They thought that they could even recognise the bodies of young students massacred by tanks, which did not allow them to escape. They could clearly see the puddle of blood on the streets.

With each encrypted report from ambassador in Beijing the level of anxiety had been increasing. With shaking hands a clerk typed: “the Embassy estimates that the 50-70 reported dead in foreign media is probably too low. Hospitals are said to be overflowing with casualties”. 
They working group knew that the drama of young democrats in China, a generation which would be called “the lost one” had only just began: “Tiananmen Square has been surrounded by troops. And some 3000 protesters remain”.


Deep regret instead pressure 

Diplomats were trying to formulate conclusion. It was clear that they could not use optimistic phrases like “State Department is in process…” or “the US is putting every effort…” which would normal end such a cable. Some of them were very well aware that the United States policy makers may not even risk any diplomatic clash with that Communist regime. Nevertheless they wrote: “The Embassy says Beijing residents are stunned and angered by the level of force used.”

State Department diplomats, who suspected that the reaction of George H. W. Bush government on the bloody massacre of Chinese students and other residents of Beijing would be sluggish and depressing were not mistaken. As one of the declassified documents of the US government indicates that after eleven hours from the first report from Beijing, Secretary of State James Baker who as lawyer and “pragmatist” was an expert in securing behind the scenes negotiations, which often valued economic interest more than basic human rights, sent Mr. Kimmitt, an official from State Department, who met with Chinese Ambassador expressing “deep regret at use of force, which apparently resulted in deaths and casualties”.

American diplomat “urged to a return to a policy of restraint as soon as possible” in the same time expressing “the fundamental importance to both countries of US-China relations”. Soft statement met with an aggressive reply of Mr. Han, Chinese Communist playing a role of Ambassador of China in USA. “In response Han cited the need to restore order, and hoped that other countries would not interfere with China’s internal affairs” – reads the declassified document.


West in search of friends in Chinese Communist Party

After crackdown of Chinese protests in Beijing and four hundred cities nationwide the Communist secret police arrested thousands of members of opposition, which were tortured, fabricated charges against them and incarcerated in an infamous network of laogai. The Chinese opposition might have been seriously hit, but the true spirit of China cannot be crushed. The Beijing student revolution began process of changes, which cannot be stopped. Even the mightiest military and the strongest secret police network are not able to stop thousands of thousands of protest that are taking place around China.

Sadly Chinese people seem to be deserted by Western governments, with an exception of few Committees in the US Congress and other Western Parliaments. Leaders in business and politics seem to be so much under the influence of Chinese propaganda that it affected their memory capacity. It appears that academics also chose this wilful amnesia.

Twenty-seven years after the massacre of brave Chinese citizens, majority of them students of Beijing University and other academies in the country, this word “massacre” is still waiting to find its way to the encyclopaedias. Encyclopaedia Britannica astonishingly uses word “an incident” to describe a deliberate act of murder ordered by the Communist Party, which must be condemned and made accountable before Chinese people. According to the Cambridge dictionary of English language an incident is “an isolated/serious/unfortunate incident”. Merriam-Webster defines it as “occurring or likely to occur especially as a minor consequence or accompaniment.”

To call this execution of political opposition as an incident is not only shameful but also not true since almost every page of relatively short history of Communist Party of China is soaked in blood of innocents. It is inconceivable that editors of respected source did not acknowledge the fact that present “government” is nothing more than regime which has no democratic legitimacy comparable with Western governments elected in free elections under democracy.

This is the essence of the demands of the slained and those who survived 1989 student revolution. If such basic sentences cannot be printed in what is to be a treasure of knowledge for free world then the cautiousness of the scientists begin to look like cowardliness against illegal regime.


Doomed fate of illegal Chinese regime

How highly aware of its illegal status is this regime proves the fact that its functionaries are constantly persecuting every citizen, who dares to commemorate the massacre, especially the Tiananmen Mothers organisation. Its founder Mrs. Dang Zilin, the university professor, who lost her son during the protests and now is 80 years old, has been surrounded with strong presence of intimidating secret police few weeks before the anniversary.

In the moving open letter written before this year anniversary by one hundred thirty-one members and signed also on behalf of forty-one deceased, the organisation warned that: “If the government continues to not face the facts in good faith, and not resolve this problem from a legal perspective, then China will have difficulty preventing this type of tragedy from happening again in the future!”

The same warning must be directed to those from the international establishment in the business, political and religious spheres, who continue to suppress the facts instead reaching with their hand to Red China for contracts, friendships and fame. They are on the road the hell.
The Communist Party of China, which temporarily distributes those privileges, is destined to collapse. The Marxism-Leninism clothed in Maoism, does not represent Chinese values but merely Sovietism. It has no roots in the cultural wealth of that great country. Westerners who seek compromise with Communist Party of China must understand that it is an amalgam of the former Soviet creations in other parts of the world, which burst like a bubble because they were built on the primitive systems of lies.

In June of 1989 Chinese students realised of that fact erecting the statue of the Goddess of Democracy on Tiananmen Square that represented unconstrained will of all of Chinese people to sent ideology of Chinese Communist Party where it belongs – on the ash-hip of history. Since then millions silently followed their example seeking for truth, freedom and democracy. The Tiananmen protest continues.