We welcome you all wholeheartedly!

Year ago CCD was destroyed by the Middle Eastern hackers. Yes, they left their signature. CCD was involved in publishing of true and up-to-date information on the situation in Israel and on the battlefield.

We are finally able to return with this new medium. We are finding that while we were offline even more participants of public debate, including religious actors, resigned from promotion of Judeo-Christian ideas and accepted new world standard. The result is their silence.

At New World Standard Critique we decided to challenge this new status quo. We want to identify and discuss issues, which are foundational for our culture. Did you know Ladies and Gentleman that none University in the world teaches justice? It is the least understood value that is needed in the area of economy and human rights.

The rest of Western, Judeo-Christian values are being perceived as an inferior to other value systems – this is real effect wrongly understood multicultural policies. In effect West lost its most effective weapon – persuasive force in the area of morals and ethics.

Today, we want to direct your attention at the dramatic situation of human rights in China. The tragic example is persecution of the leading Christian attorney Gao Zhisheng. American lawmaker Chris Smith reflects on the current policy of Washington towards Beijing, which is not different from the course of other Western governments including United Kingdom and Australia. Canadian former Member of Parliament and human rights defender reminds that Chinese people have right for democracy as every man, woman and child on this earth.  Jewish people have fundamental right for their Jewish state  – emphasises Special Advisor to President of Israel Zalman Shoval. You will find more informed opinions that, as we hope, will raise questions about current status quo. About the new world standard.