An American child from Pittsburgh confessed to launching a cyberattack against Brussels Airport website. The attack came in the in the aftermath of the 22 March 2016 suicide bombing at the airport but the child perpetrated actions had no links to ISIS, the authorities said.

The Belgian federal public prosecutor’s office said the suspect aimed to take down the website of the airport operator – the Brussels Airport Company — and “infiltrate the computer system,” but was unsuccessful.

Terror-alert reports that investigators traced the source of the hack to a home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and handed the information to U.S. law enforcement authorities.

“The FBI proceeded to conduct house search in Pittsburgh…and interrogated a minor of American nationality,” a spokesperson for the Belgian federal public prosecutor’s office said. “He confessed.”

FBI agents interviewed the child and seized his desktop and laptop computers, but the evidence has shown no indication of a “terrorist motive” ISIS links, Belgian prosecutors said.