Refugees who applied for asylum in the United States will undergo several different security measures aiming to make sure that they who they say they are, and that they are involved with terror organizations or criminal gangs.

The security screening includes detailed interviews, three levels of background checks, three fingerprint screenings, contagious disease screening, and cultural orientation.

PBS informed that the United States has plans to introduce special methods of finding out when refugees check into camps and offices. The biometric measures will help to deter fraud and confirm more accurately the identity of applicants.

Department of Health will introduce iris scans. The department is working also on a quick turnaround DNA test which, in less than 1,5 hours, will determine whether a refugees are really related as they claim.

These new biometric measures are coming in at a time when the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe and last month’s deadly attack on Paris have prompted a debate over whether the United States should accept refugees from Syria.