In an hour-long interview Vladimir Putin’s Chief of Staff Nikolai Patrushev accused United States for planning to collapse Russia and get an access to its rich natural resources.

“American administration has one goal – to dominate over the world.” – said former Director of FSB. “Strong Russia is not need for them. It is not excluded that the way to achieve this goal could be collapse of Russian Federation. It will open access to some natural resources, which Russia do not deserve, according to them” – added Patrushev. America would play a role of catalyst of such changes said Putin’s highest official in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets Russian daily newspaper.

Kremlin’s highest official, during the interview, shared also his view on causes that led to the fall of USSR. He denied that Soviet empire collapsed due to the economic crisis. Patrushev pointed at demoralisation of Soviet leadership as the first cause.  “Leadership of USSR lost their way” – assessed Patrushev who, during the collapse, was KGB officer at the counterintelligence section in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg) region. “They did not know what and how they should do. They did not know the way out of crisis.” – he said.