Informed readers are finding recent revelations by former White House advisor not shocking at all. After years, if not decades of denial by left groups in the US government organisations, and experts, on Iran’s readiness for a strike at any target on the globe, former Obama’s advisor Ben Rhodes’ admission to misinforming American and international public is logical consequence of failed policy.

Ben Rhodes, the foreign policy advisor on this, probably the most strategic issue, for the United States and Western world, only in his thirties, constructed false narrative about the origin of the deal with Iran and the rationale behind it.

The most telling quote in the New York Times magazine’s profile of White House young advisor comes not from him but the former Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta. Secretary revealed in interview with Times that one of his most important jobs was to keep Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu and his defence minister Ehud Barak from launching a pre-emptive on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Panetta admitted that he reassured both of them that President Obama is serious in not allowing Iran to develop an atomic weapon. But asked whether would you make the same assessment now secretary answered:

“Would I make that same assessment now?” he asks. “Probably not.”

As John Podhoretz, Editor in Chief of Commentary magazine , observed: “[T]he Obama administration chose to attempt to get its way not by winning an argument but by bringing an almost fathomless cynicism to bear in manipulating its own clueless liberal fan club.”