As if Russians would not have more than enough crimes on Ukrainians on their conscience beginning from the genocide “Ukrainian hunger” –  thus killing several millions (not less than 11 million) through stealing grain from the Ukrainian farmers and denying them to store for food. The Russian regime attitude describes comment by the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev: “No one was keeping count”.

Contemporary crimes of the Kremlin regime are being counted from the first crime of blowing up Moscow and Kazan apartments, a blood of an innocent children, women and men who died never waking up to see that the benefactor of this heinous terrorist attack became chief of the Russian regime to the very last one annexation of Crimea, invasion of Ukraine and killing 283 passengers and 15 crew on board of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

Yesterday Russian regime added another crime to the long-list of the violations of human rights and international law.

Russian regime’s apparatus of injustice said the Ukrainian pilot Nadya Savchenko will be held hostage in the infamous Siberian gulags which play the role of prisons. Describing this horrendous act of injustice which involves hijacking, false accusations, phony court and fake verdict it is impossible to use words which usually describe legal process such as justices, court, investigations or even defendant. Savchenko is not defendant but hostage of the anti-Western KGB-enforced mafia regime called incorrectly “authorities of Russian state”.

It is important to emphasise that, according to basic democratic standards of free elections, none of the Russian authorities including current “President” are legitimate. From the end of 1990’s the elections that took place in Russia were not democratic – but always engineered. One can not describe criminal regime with the same words which are being used for democracies because they will lose meaning.

Putin is the regime’s cappo di tutti cappi which is almost equal to Hitler minus Holocaust (but Russian fellow has still some life to live unless Western countries will do with him what was done to Saddam Hussein – “Ladies and Gentlemen: we got him!“). Putin probably deserves similar treatment. And obviously democratic community, including the one in Russia, deserves  removal of Putin from power. Undoubtedly not ISIS, not even Islamic radicalism (more or less they are the product of Russian regime) is such a danger for world democracies like Putin and his cohorts in Kremlin. Who is going to say it openly? (Unfortunately current American administration is even ready to lose four days this week in hope for meeting in Kremlin. Why so many days? Putin usually is trying to humiliate Western politicians forces them to wait for audience with him in Kremlin corridors. herehere and here. Putin humiliated once Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs when his motorcade was stopped at the gates of Kremlin and he, himself, was shocked by the Russian guard with the news that his audience with Putin was cancelled.)

United States to the United Nations Samantha Power summarised the criminal behaviour of Russian regime towards Nadya Savchenko: “Ukrainian pilot and member of parliament Nadia Savchenko – who was also detained in Ukraine and sent to the remote town of Donetsk, Russia to be tried under Russian laws for similarly preposterous charges – is awaiting her verdict.”


Ukrainian Forces pilot Nadya Savchenko illegally imprisoned by Russian regime


In continuation of KGB traditions regime is persecuting also other members of Savchenko family who found themselves to be in their reach. Yesterday free Russian-speaking radio Radio Svoboda informed that Chechnya’s regime (ruled by Putin’s comrade) summoned Vera, Nadya’s sister to court for hearings.

Vera is suspect in making troubles during the court proceedings. She defended other Ukrainian citizens who are accused by Russian regime for killing of Russian soldiers during the first war in Chechnya. Another act of political repression against Ukrainians by Russian regime.