BERLIN – The Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the German intelligence agency, in its most recently published report for 2015, said that there has been a significant increase of interest in the membership of the fascist woman groups in the previous year. “German women make up the majority of people who believe in right-wing ideologies, even though men are in the public eye more often”, the author of the report said.

A surge in right-wing female extremism comes as a surprise for German intelligence analysts after years of decline. The biggest growth in the membership had the far-right, ultranationalist party Nationaldemokratische Partei (NPD), the National Democratic Party of Germany. Founded as a sub-group it quickly lent a voice to “nationalist-thinking women in the party.”

There are 22,600 registered members of right-wing extremist groups in Germany, and that 8,000 of them have proven themselves ready to use violence.


The German intelligence and law enforcement agencies are monitoring about three dozen groups, associations, fellowships, movements, open networks, and organized political parties in Germany which promote extremist ideologies, which include anti-Semitic, anti-Islam, anti-immigration, and xenophobic views – but in some cases challenge the German state and its institutions.

(DW, DO)