Student leader Joshua Wong who organised massive, the 79 day student protests for the cause of democracy in Hong Kong faces charges and if convicted he could be jailed. Wong has three court cases that will be subject of seven days trial starting next week.

The 19-year-old founder of the political group Scholarism was one of 148 people arrested in the two-day clearance of Mong Kok, where some of the most violent clashes happened during the pro-democracy rallies.

On Thursday (Feb 25), he faces one count of obstructing bailiffs in their duties to clear the protest area on Nov 26, 2014. At the time, protesters camped out at Mong Kok district for 60 days, demanding the right to freely elect the city’s next leader, without interference from Beijing.

Next Monday, Wong and three other students will return to the Eastern Magistrates Court for a seven-day trial. He faces two charges, for taking part in an unlawful assembly and inciting others to do so.

Later in May, Wong will also stand trial for an anti-China protest, which saw dozens gather outside Beijing’s representative office on June 2014.

Wong had earlier said that he is ready to bear responsibility for organising and participating in the various pro-democracy rallies.